About Us

Finchale is an organisation with 80 successful years of supporting local communities to make positive changes to their lives.

The charity is a specialist in providing education, training, employment and welfare support services to businesses and their employees, veterans, those in military service and their families and individuals with multiple barriers to social inclusion.

Our training schemes and apprenticeships respond to the needs of the people we work with to realise their full potential, fulfil their training needs and prepare them for employment.

Everytime an individual or business chooses to work with Finchale we reinvest that trust and support into an individual who needs a helping hand to reach their full potential.

What People Have Said About Us

Life changing and life saving. When you are drowning in a sea of anxiety and you do not have a lifesaver, you can make decisions that you can never come back from. Finchale provides the quiet in the mind to live.

Armed Forces Veteran

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